Why is the blow to the face?

‘‘What’s so significant about a goat’s head?” Why?
Is it a contagious disease?
Mouth sores can cause cancer?
Is there a way?

Such questions are heard in the minds of the people almost every day. Due to lack of proper concept or direction, most of the population is constantly being deprived of such treatment. So let's get to know some basic information.

What is meant by mouth sores, wounds or mouth sores?

The mucous membrane inside our mouth is called the mucous membrane. Erosion of this membrane can result in sores or ulcers in the mouth. In most cases it is not a contagious disease. However, in some cases it can be quite painful. It can even lead to cancer.

Where wounds are diseases or mouth sores?

• Inside the oral cavity, such as the inner wall of the lips or cheeks, the corners of the lips

• Tongue (up or down, both sides)

• At the base of the gums

• In the palm of the upper jaw

The same person may have multiple mouth ulcers at the same time. About 20 to 30 percent of the population, men and women, and children are affected. Most of them are teenagers, adults or women over 45 years of age.

Common symptoms

• Wounds somewhere in the mouth

• Redness inside the mouth

• Excess salinity in normal food

• Slightly rounded white or light yellow or gray reddish lesions around the center

• Feeling a slight allergy or itching on the red wound

• Severe pain as well as burning when eating, excessive salivation

In most cases, these common symptoms get better within 7 to 10 days. However, the following symptoms can not be avoided in any way, consult a doctor as soon as possible.

• Appearance of white spots on the wall or part of the tongue inside the asymptomatic cheek

• Swollen gums, blisters or pus coming out of the teeth

• Bleeding from the wound

• Spread to new areas or increase in size

• Fever with wounds

• Ha became smaller in the mouth

If the above symptoms persist for more than two weeks, consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Types of oral ulcers

• The most common ulcers are:

• Aphthous ulcer

• Inflammatory diseases of the mouth

• Lichen planus

• Herpetic

Also, there are many more types of ulcers.

Causes of mouth sores or ulcers

Neglect of facial care.

• Accidentally hitting the face with a toothbrush or a stiff brush too hard or rubbing the uneven part of the bitten or broken tooth.

• Inflammation due to excessively hot food or drink, extra salty foods, acidic or acidic foods and peeling of skin or soft muscles.

• Smoking, jorda-supari.

• Anemia is caused by a deficiency of vitamin B-12 or other vitamins, zinc, folic acid or iron.

• Indigestion or diarrhea or irritable bowel syndrome is more common in these patients because vitamins important for wound healing do not enter the digestive tract properly.

• Due to hormonal imbalances (especially during periods, menopause or pregnancy) or thyroid problems.

• Excessive stress, stress or anxiety, insomnia.

• Infections caused by fungi (mostly children), viruses (herpes species).

• Low immunity: Diabetic patients (uncontrolled diabetes), people with AIDS or cancer, long term kidney disease.

• Hereditary allergies, food allergies, etc.

Ways to prevent mouth sores

• Avoid foods that are too salty, salty, acidic or cause allergies.

• Avoid excessive amounts of strong drinks such as tea-coffee, alcohol.

• Drink plenty of water.

• Avoid smoking, Jorda.

• Include antioxidant rich foods (vitamins A, C, E) in the diet such as vegetables, green fruits (papaya, mango, carrot, lemon, guava, walnuts, colored capsicum) etc.

• If you are deficient in iron and vitamin B-12, folic acid, you should eat kachushak, raw banana, milk, sour yogurt, lean meat.

• Check your teeth at regular intervals, if there is plaque or dirt or tooth decay at the base of the teeth, take immediate treatment as advised by the dentist.

• To keep the facial cavity always clean, you need to brush your teeth in the morning and at night, use a soft and high quality toothbrush, change the brush every three months.

• Proper treatment and control of incurable diseases including diabetes, heart disease and kidney disease.

• Stress, anxiety, insomnia should be avoided.

• Repeated hand rubbing or pus should be avoided.

Benzidamine hydrochloride mouthwash can be used for some relief from instant pain. But by no means more than seven days.

Studies have shown that the initial symptoms of about 200 diseases are manifested by oral ulcers. Some of these lesions are called 'pre-cancerous lesions' or 'pre-cancerous lesions'. Neglected mouth sores can later lead to cancer.

Not negligence

So do not neglect the wound on the face. You must consult a registered dentist (BDS) for a mouth injury. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons should be consulted for expert opinion if necessary.

The most important thing is that if it lasts more than two weeks or 15 days, then a biopsy or a meat tissue test must be done. Once the true cause of the ulcer is identified, proper treatment of the specific disease can be ensured and effective.

Stay healthy, stay well, take care of face and teeth.

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